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Wreck Diving: Kudat

Off the northwest of Sabah lies a group of islands including Pulau Balambangan, Pulau Banggi, Pulau Jambongan, Pulau Molleangan, Pulau Balak and Pulau Malawali. A number of wrecks and rarely dived reefs have recently been discovered in this area and now a Kota Kinabalu based company Sipadan-Mabul Regal Tours now have a live-aboard boat regularly visiting the area.

The “Scuba Explorer” is a 70ft live-a-board motor yacht with comfortable accommodation for 12 people and 6 crew. Designed for comfort and effortless diving the Scuba Explorer covers the Kudat wrecks and reef diving around the islands of north west Sabah.

Three wrecks have been discovered to date, all thought to be merchant ships. Two are lying at 20m-25m and the other lying a little deeper at 50m. All three wrecks resemble coral gardens being completely covered in colorful sponge and soft corals. Marne life around the wrecks includes schools of glassfish, lionfish, scorpionfish and huge resident grouper. The surrounding islands have shallow fringing reefs with all the regular reef fish such as the coral trout, butterflyfish, angelfish and the occasional cuttlefish. These reefs have rarely been dived and therefore new sites are being discovered on many of the trips.

Pulau Mabul
Pulau Tiga
Pulau Lankayan
Pulau Kapalai
Wreck Diving – Labuan F.T.
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