Getting Here

::KLIA Airport

International and domestic carriers offer connecting flights to the Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA), which is 60 mins/95 km south of Kuala Lumpur. Several cruise lines include stops in Malaysia on their itineraries. An interesting way to enter the country is via rail from either Singapore or Thailand. The luxurious Eastern & Oriental Express, which runs twice a week between Singapore and Bangkok, will let you relive the golden age of rail at a decidedly modern price. Regional buses and trains are inexpensive (we recommend riding first class on the trains.) Deluxe air-conditioned buses are available on most tourist routes. There's excellent road service within the country, and well-seasoned travellers might consider taking a long-distance taxi (they travel with four passengers from one city to another at a modest rate.) Taxis and local buses are plentiful and inexpensive in urban areas. Traffic moves on the left.
::Rail Transportation
The best way to see Kuala Lumpur is by taxi or LRT (light-rail transport), as bus service tends to be a bit confusing for visitors. Currently two LRT lines cross at Masjid Jamek. A new circular line around Bukit Bintang and the central business district is in the final stages of construction. The LRT helps you explore the city by foot because most of the major stations are close to sightseeing attractions.
::Taxi @ Puduraya
If you want to take a taxi out of Kuala Lumpur to another state, this is the place to find one. Fares are negotiable, depending on distance. But the taxi won't leave the terminal until it has four passengers. Malaysians use this service only at peak travel periods, so you could be waiting for some time for a cab to fill up. You can, however, pay a fee equivalent to a full load. The terminal is open 24 hours.
::KTMB Train 
This rail service provides intercity connections and links Peninsular Malaysia to Thailand and Singapore. All trains operate out of Central Station. Be sure to check travel times - in many cases, trains take much longer than buses. For instance, an express executive bus from Puduraya to Singapore takes 5-6 hours, whereas a train takes more than 8 hours.